Nobody puts veggies in the corner


At Priscillas, vegetables are far from humble. They’re the fabulous superstars of our soil-to-plate menu.

Group Executive Chef Dave Clarke and his culinary team took a road trip (although not in a pink bus) to California, home of the plant-based cuisine movement. The result of their adventures: this menu of light, bright and soulful dishes, where vegetables headline a dazzling flavour show and proteins play cute sidekick.

“We wanted to offer a veg-forward menu as well as local proteins to act as almost a side element,” says chef Dave. “This is local, farm fresh food, full of flavour with a strong sustainable overview.”

At the ceviche bar, fresh fish is marinated to perfection, and meats are far from MIA -grilled to sublime succulence over wood or coals.

Whatever your palate’s pleasure, Priscillas invites you to come together and share.