Nobody puts veggies in the corner

Drag N’ Dine with us! Our PRISCILLAS restaurant and menu is available from 5-10pm  Thurs – Sun for dinner.

This vegetarian & vegan friendly repertoire comes with a complimentary side dish of drag, with performances by some of Australia’s most dazzling and dynamic Queens.

At Priscillas, vegetables are far from humble. They’re the fabulous superstars of our soil-to-plate menu.

Group Executive Chef Dave Clarke and his culinary team took a road trip (although not in a pink bus) to California, home of the plant-based cuisine movement and its cooking techniques used to extract magic from all things sown and grown. The result of their adventures: our menu of light, bright and soulful dishes, where vegetables headline a dazzling flavour show and proteins play cute sidekick.

“We wanted to offer a veg-forward menu as well as local proteins to act as almost a side element,” says chef Dave. “This is local, farm fresh food, full of flavour with a strong sustainable overview.”

At the ceviche bar, fresh fish is marinated to perfection, and meats are far from MIA. They’re fresh from the local land and grilled to sublime succulence over wood or coals.

Our wine list embraces Australia’s vast landscape, spanning coast to coast and all the rugged beauty in between. Famous names rub shoulders with rising stars, sustainable growers and intriguing foreign visitors, with all shades represented – and even a naughty suggestion of skin contact.

Eat, drink and be whatever you choose to be: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, omnivore, carnivore. We don’t discriminate. Whatever your palate’s pleasure, there is plenty for all and Priscillas welcomes you to come join and share.

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*Please note menu is subject to change