Priscillas, The Remix Show

March 5 & 6 

Priscillas | 6pm / 8pm | $69-149pp


Looking for the ultimate bang in your box? Paying homage to the history of Australian drag and the iconic movie that brings us all together, we invite you to dine with the drags darling… An exclusive Drag N’ Dine event that will take you on an unforgettable journey with Priscilla, we’ve combined the talents of the cast of the iconic Broken Heel Festival and their Imperial family to bring you Priscilla, The Remix Show, the ultimate experience.

A 4-part dinner show that recreates the magic of Mitzi, Bernadette, Felicia and friends – Priscilla, The Remix Showx will be the most extravagant side dish to a feast in The Imperial’s award winning restaurant, where drag and live entertainment is the very heart and soul of our kitchen

Starring: Art Simone, Philmah Bocks, Jemima Handful, Maude Boate, Vonni, Jojo Zaho, Peach Fuzz, Kalin Eade, Dakota Fann’ee, Dammit Janet and Dorreen Manganini Session duration: 2hrs | *6pm-8pm | 8.30pm-10.30pm


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The Remix 2 course feast – $69

The Remix Feasting menu including dessert, arrival cocktail – $99

The Remix two course feasting menu with a 2hr beverage package – $114

The Remix feasting menu including dessert with 2hr Beverage Package – $144

Broken Heel Festival Queens Posing in the middle of the road
spicy cocktail served in priscillas imperial
broken heel queens posing

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