Main Bar


I’ve been to paradise…

Our infamous main bar is an Australian treasure! Featured in  The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of The Desert we celebrate all the colours of the rainbow and our vibrant LGBTQIA+ culture! Our bar is regularly transformed by our performers into a main stage that shines with Pride. Later on DJ’s keep the beat going with camp tunes that will have you wishing for those Mardi Gras vibes of yesteryear.

Three photos cropped into circles, a drag queen eating pasta, two drag queens posing with smiles, a hand holding a wine glass

Our Main Bar food menu features all the best combinations of Priscillas and Imperial UP, as well as pub classics with a cheeky twist! We love all sorts and you’ll find some of Sydney’s nearest and queerest here any day of the week…


Our fabulous cocktails are named after a plethora of drag royalty, drag kings and queens (past and present), including some who regularly strut the stage as they have for nearly forty years!




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