Imperial UP


Ciao Amanti! (“Hello Lovers” for those too lazy to Google Translate) With the first and second act of our makeover successfully done and dusted, it’s now time for Sugar to get a 1st floor facelift… introducing Imperial UP! Atop yours truly resides a contemporary rooftop bohemia born from iconic Italian food and convivial cocktail culture!

Imagine a friendly Italian trattoria with a fondness for disco and flair for style. Simply add echoes of Studio 54, a generous pour of postmodern Queerdom, and mix it all UP into a 200-person spacious courtyard that expands beyond pop art graphics, quasi-classical sculptures, stone mosaic bar tops and a gold clad pizza oven.

From the Alps to the Almafi, to the Inner West – Imperial UP’s soul is the comfort of lovingly prepared Italian food, served with a side dish of fabulous. We’ve taken your traditional Nonna and titivated her into your queer Aunty serving up stuzzichino, pasta, pizza and Milanese that all taste as delizioso as they sound…


Imperial UP will trade 5 days a week: Wed-Fri 5pm to 12am, Sat-Sun 12pm to 12am
Please note due to licensing restrictions the rooftop area closes at 10pm






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Please note this is not a reservation