International Womens Day, Sunday Best

A woman in a red dress looking in the mirror

Shoot For The Moon One who we believe lives amongst the stars, is Chloe London AKA Sunday Best! Our #1 moon-girl, trans activist, resident Drag N’ Dine queen, Curator of queer event Going Zodiac and Promotions and Stage Manager for

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A woman wit brown hair wearing an orange high vis vest

International Womens Day, Julie Magro

Who needs a Mum hug? Look no further than our community Imperial Mum, Julie Magro. Ally, activist, parent, friend, feminist.

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Woman wearing pink velvet dress, posing on a blue couch holding a cocktail glass

International Womens Day, Frida Las Vegas

Stavroula Adameitis   Some know her as Frida, others as Stav, and then whole lotta of  you know her as

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Women at fundraising bbq turning sausages

International Womens Day, Luck of the Irish

Loretta Éirinn Ní Coscair This week The Imperial is calling out some of the inspiring women in our world as

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Man sitting on bed cross legged with colourful art hanging on the walls behind him

Art vs Politics, the big picture

Queertank with Jeff McCann Art V Politics talk TUESDAY 25 FEB | 7PM-8.30PM | FREE | Includes pizza and a

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The performers with smeared pink lipstick, pose in rock n roll seductive poses

The Magdas Spill The Tea on Christmas

A Very Magdas Christmas   This week reporter Tracy Notsoshaw touched base with 4-time Grammy award winner, Miss Taylor Fontaine

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Two drag queens dressed in sequined corsets posing in front of a large crown of fans

The Broken Heel Festival Take Over The Imperial

Bringing the Diva’s of the Desert to the City   10 weeks and counting down until Sydney turns full rainbow

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Queen on flower media wall

We’re Glitter Bombing Newtown Festival On Sunday

This Sunday, Newtown Festival is celebrating our loud, quirky and courageous community!   Unless you’ve been living under a rock,

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Photo of a drag queen wearing a purple wig and moustache, posing in front of a heart shaped sign

5 Ways To Do Pride

A Pride Month Checklist   It’s Pride Month! As we move through June and our calendars fill with fab queer

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Circular Artwork with colourful geometric patterns

Jeff McCann at Imperial UP Gallery – Part 1

We talk Art with Designer, Artist & Creative Jeff McCann Hello, lovers, it’s your boy Julian here from the Imperial

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