Getta Pizza this hot deal lovers

2 for 1 Pizzas

 Yes lovers, we’re UP –ing the pizza game at the Imperial. If you’re feeling peckish for  the best pizza in the inner west, and love a good deal (*as I troll the centre aisle at Aldi) – then our 2 for 1 pizza special at Imperial UP is your next $$ saving…

But why dough? This week we stretched our imaginations with our pizza chefs and went behind our giant, golden oven, to find out the sensual, secrets in the dough that makes our pizzas so delizioso!

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(2 for 1 from Monday to Wednesday, darlings, pop it in your diary and read on for the recipe)


Collage of Images Featuring Pizza chef and Pizzas

The Ingredients list:

This is part ingredient list / part exposition because this blog is very informal…

Italian imported 00: Being one of those basic bitches who uses plain, white, flour is a big no-no in the pizza world.
00 is the new 0 in pizza. Get with it, lovers!

Fresh yeast: (sounds of rapid googling) Okay, so I’m no expert, but fresh yeast is used by professionals and produces a richer flavour. Allegedly it’s better for you? (more googling) Yeast is a fungus? (confused look) Okay, that’s enough on yeast, right?

(Just for the SEO there’s 2 – 1 pizza’s, Monday to Wednesday at the Imperial)

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Salt:  ours is made from the tears of gays at the Cher concert!

Water:  We only use the best. Sourced from crystal springs and harvested under the moonlight of Mardi Gras. Jokes, It’s fine if you have tap water, it just won’t be as good as ours obvs.

Semolina: From what Mauro, our wonderful pizza chef told us – Semolina isn’t something you use on your home pizzas. Our beautiful oven gets hot. Like 350*c. Guys, that’s hotter than my GHD straightener, okay? The semolina protects the dough from this intense heat. The result: a gorgeous crunch and depth of flavour. Our pizza’s only take 45 seconds to cook– About triple the length of my attention span.

After you have sourced and incorporated your ingredients you must let the dough rest for 72 hours. (My god, what I would give to rest for bloody, 72 hours.) This process is known as proofing for all you bread noobs out there reading this. During this time, the dough is separated into 200g pieces and like, you – get the rest cheese, toppings, the works honey.

Two images one preparing a pizza and one of a man in a kitchen at the Imperial up putting the pizza in an oven

Dough facts:

90 kg of dough is made each week. That’s like my body weight in dough. Please imagine our pizza Chefs pounding a replica of my body made of dough. #art

We make 450 pizzas a week ‘cos pizza duh?

200g of dough per pizza, not for sharing, (slaps boyfriends hand, back off Rhys) 2 – 1 remember?

Our gold clad, mirror ball oven isn’t named. What would you call her?

Our pizza chefs are Mauro & Carlos they want you to know our pizzas are Romano, not Napoli style pizzas.

If you haven’t tried our pizzas give them a go it’s 2 for 1, Monday to Wednesday so you can totes bring a friend. Or don’t and just have 2 for yourself #nojudgement.

Monday to Wednesday lovers.

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Giulio Kenworthio