The Magdas Spill The Tea on Christmas

A Very Magdas Christmas


This week reporter Tracy Notsoshaw touched base with 4-time Grammy award winner, Miss Taylor Fontaine (lead vocalist of Australia’s favourite trash pop band The Magda Szubankis and poster babe of their sold-out shows “Lipstick Battle” and “Pash Rash”) ahead of two upcoming concerts in Sydney.

The first being “The Magdas Before Xmas” this Sunday evening, followed by NYETHiNG on the 31st December, both at The Imperial Hotel.

Joined by band members Terry Pfeiffer and Marg Riley, she’s applied some fresh lippy and topped up her glass of Brut: Miss Fontaine talks stardom, festive favourites and a spills a secret (or two)…

Drag queen wearing big ginger wig and a pink dress pretends to suck on a cigarette

Hi Taylor, thanks for joining us. For all the fans out there, would you be able to share a bit about the Magda Szubanskis, who you are?

“Oh thanks so much for having me Tracy!!! Ah, the age old question – WHO ARE the Magda Szubanskis? Who are the Magdas? Well, y’know Oprah’s tried to get it out of me, Sally Jesse Raphael’s tried to get me to open up, Ellen’s had me on the couch under pressure – and what I say to them Tracy, and I’ll say it here today… My memoir and autobiography are a work in process! *winks*

But I will give you this though – the reason we’re called the “Magda Szubanskis” is plain and simple, it’s my stripper name. You know how it’s like, you take the name of your first pet and the street you lived on, well I had a Scottish terrier called Magda and I lived on Szubanski Avenue.

Y’know? *sings in a cheerful melody* I’m gonna rock down to Szubanski Avenue… “

Three drag performers pose curiously
You’ve had a huge year touring all over the world on your Suspension of Disbelief Tour – what’s been a highlight so far?

“Oh, look Tracy – it has been a huge, and I mean HUGE year on our Suspension of Disbelief Tour and don’t get me wrong, like I love, I LOVE a red carpet as much as the next showgirl. Y’know we love doing the Oscars, and performing at the Emmys after-party and walking in New York Fashion Week… *pauses to take a sip of wine*

But I have to say one of the highlights of 2019 was being asked to perform as one of the headliners at this years Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras! And I don’t want to get emotional *starts tearing up* but I want to thank Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for letting us perform Shallow, because we couldn’t attend the Oscars. They won best song and we just want to acknowledge what a huge honour it was to perform it, and also say thank you Sydney Mardi Gras.”


You’re performing this weekend at The Imperial Hotel, a Xmas Show – what’s a typical Christmas Day for the Magdas?

“Yes Tracy, the rumours are true – we are performing this Sunday [22 Dec] at The Imperial Hotel for their Chrissy party and look, I am beside myself. Terry is currently out the back pruning the mistletoe, and Marg is doing a bit of a door knock and testing it out on the neighbours. We’re really excited…

But what is a typical Christmas Day for the Magdas, Tracy? Well look it just depends on whose bed we wake up in, and what country we’re in… *laughs extremely loudly, then sighs* But look with all of that said, all the travelling we do, at the end of the day, Christmas for me I don’t care where I am. I’m just happy as long as I’ve got a prawn and an oyster, a sausage and a glass of bubbly – and I’m happy Tracy. I am HAPPY.”

Three drag performers in Christmas outfits looking drunk
We’re also looking forward to ringing in 2020 together, what’s your inspiration for your NYE set?

*makes squealing sound* “Oh my god Tracy we are SO EXCITED! We are busy, blessed and #booked! We are performing at the Imperial Hotel with all you beautiful people on New Years Eve and we’ve been given the responsibility (and you’ve heard it here first), the responsibility to bring in the year 2020. And Marg, Terry and I just want to say we hope, we HOPE to see you all there.

With twenty-twenty vision on the night, because I tell you what, our inspiration for the night, we are here to ROAR… We are bringing in the roaring 20s, because we’ve got the eye of the tiger, so see you all there!! Now over to you Moira, in Buyer’s World – thanks Tracy!” *waves and blows kisses*


Catch The Magda Szubankis performing in the Basement at The Imperial Hotel: The Night Before Magdas from 8pm Sunday 22nd December (entry cash $10), and at NYETHiNG from 11.30pm Tuesday 31st December (tickets available → here).


Interviewed by Channel Wine reporter Tracy Notsoshaw, December 2019

All Images owned by The Magda Szubankis