Becomes The Hollywood Star We All Knew He Was


(And about damn time because it coincides with our weekly screenings of the Season 10 of Drag Race!)

Lovers, we’re so excited to credit our first topical blog piece to a drag icon! This month Hollywood has finally realised RuPaul is worthy of having a star in the walk of fame! Fun fact: this is something I worked out in 2009 as a mere drag queen clearly indicating Hollywood is a bit slow on the uptake but what can you do?

Yes I realise you saw it on your news feed and commented ‘Yaaaaasss Queen!!’ but seriously this is a big deal. He’s the first drag figure to get a star on the walk people. So that’s something to celebrate amongst your post Mardi Gras blues.Can we also talk about how RuPaul nails that tartan two-piece suit? That’s something we could only dream of pulling off (as we click “Add to Cart” on that Royal Stewart tartan suit…)

Sorry not the actual point, but RuPauls suits should always be celebrated at any opportunity. The actual point of this was to tell you all about how we’re streaming RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 every Friday night at 7pm and we couldn’t be more excited! Hosted by Felicity Frockaccino and YazQween, attendees are invited to enter our Drag Costume Competition (the theme following the catwalk looks of the show) with prizes to be won every week!

Mark yourself attending on our Facebook event and stay up to date with the theme HERE

So tell your friends, partners, even that co-worker who brags about how great their weekends are and you low-key hate. And if you have none of these people in your life except a cat called Mogs* then bring them in drag (Kitty Girl has a whole new meaning…). Safe to say RuPauls Drag Race has brought international awareness to the American drag scene, and we want everyone to fall in love with the rich history, variety and inspiration of the drag culture supported by this humble reality TV show.

*Sadly the inner-west isn’t that progressive that we can bring cats into venues let alone in drag but a queen can hope goddamit!