Not Everyone Eats Fish

Sphen & Magic Start a Family


To celebrate Sydney’s (and the worlds) hottest gay penguin couple we look at this months newest additions to Priscilla’s Menu a delightful twist on a fishy favourite. The gorgeous dish Ceviche.


If you aren’t up to date with the world of celebrity penguins then who are you?? Skyrocketing on to the international stage this week was Australia’s same-sex penguin couple who have captured the world’s attention and its hearts.

Two penguins standing side by side

The penguin couple named Sphen and Magic, (or Sphengic if you do that whole portmanteau thing) were noticed by keepers at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium after building a nest this year and becoming virtually inseparable. After keepers gave the pair an egg to foster the pair exceeded all expectations proving to be excellent penguin parents.


Sphen the older Gentoo Penguin even proposed to Magic by presenting him with a special stone the equivalent of a proposal (if my boyfriend is reading this article, even a bloody penguin can do it!) Gentoo penguins are by and large eaters of crustaceans with fish making only 15% of their diet. Which brings me back to ceviche…


Two photos of ceviche salad on platesTop Image: Tuna Albacore Ceviche | Bottom Image: Hot Hot Mango Ceviche


If you haven’t tried this Latin-American dish it consists of beautifully fresh fish, marinated with the acids of citrus creating stunningly fresh and delicate seafood flavours with a texture that melts on the palate. The Ceviche Bar at Priscilla’s even serves two vegan ceviche varieties in what we can only assume is another triumph for Sydney this week (on top of Sphen and Magic’s coupling).


So if you’re a seafood fan or perhaps even a Gentoo penguin there’s something for everyone at the Imperial hotel Erskineville!


Try the new ceviche menu now at Priscilla’s our Drag N Dine menu runs 7 nights a week, and our PRISCILLAS menu is available from 5-10pm daily! Book online or call us darling it’s that simple!

Written by Julian Kenworthy