Queer Theatre: This Genuine Moment

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A new queer play, This Genuine Moment asks how much easier is it to be honest to somebody we don’t know, than ourselves?


Written by Jacob Parker, “This Genuine Moment” is an Australian queer play exploring themes of conversation that take place between individuals. knowing full well the individuals will likely never see that other person again.


Two men in bed, a poster for a play.



“I win with the shitty life stories for now. I got the deadbeat dad. And I’m gay. That’s like, a double threat. If only I could dance, then I could make it big on Broadway.”


This is about a moment, barely an hour long, between two people who barely know each other. It isn’t a grand romance, it isn’t a deep pondering on society. It is simply that, one genuine moment.


There is a freedom which comes about in the small, awkward conversations that take place between two people who don’t know each other and know that they will not likely see the other person again.



This Genuine Moment runs from January 14th – January 19th.

Playing at the Old 505 Theatre

$30 Adults / $25 Concession, Industry & Under 30


Book tickets now for This Genuine Moment.