Love Local Issue #22.05

 Satellite Cafe, Newtown


Just a short skip from King Street to 78-80 Wilson Street you will find the corner delights of one of our favorite places in the world (bold claim, but true) Satellite Cafe. Now in a new era, iconic local café Satellite has undergone a slight reinvention and merged spiritually with its Marrickville sister District.  Pumping music, hot pink neon, plants dripping off the walls and some of the best local street art Sydney has to offer, Satellite is a seductive assault on the senses that brings us to life every morning.

collage of images of a cafe front, a plate of food and a couple sitting at a table talking over coffeeA sacred space that resounds the beats of Sydney’s throbbing underground, we say a little prayer every morning to our food and coffee gods to invigorate us with the full techno fantasy and start our day off on the right foot.  Coz without a freakin’ doubt the food and caffeine is some of the best this side of the Inner West, served with a generous portion of Queer culture and enlightenment that money can’t buy.

Owner Ash Houshton states she’s is all about “supporting your own”, we categorically agree and want to share the neon delights that this Newtown shrine to Queerdom has to offer. According to app ‘Queering the Map’ Satellite is referred to as ” Queer church” and darl we are on our knees praying EVERY. DAMN. DAY.


To find out more about Satellite check out their opening hours and menu:




Photos courtesy of Kai Leishman for Broadsheet