We’re Glitter Bombing Newtown Festival On Sunday

This Sunday, Newtown Festival is celebrating our loud, quirky and courageous community!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) are back and are throwing their annual spectacle, Newtown Festival.

The event brings crowds from near and far to celebrate the amazingness of our local community while showcasing music, art, food and markets. The proceeds raised from this event are crucial to helping our local community, in particular, disadvantaged groups, such as people facing homelessness, living with mental illness or those from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


With a cause so worthy, The Imperial has phoned a few of our nearest and dearest and will be bringing a posse of our queens and crew + the glitter and the glam to fabulize this amazing event!


Two people at a park

Photo Credit: Kirsten Muller NEWTOWN FESTIVAL 


Get An Eco-Glitter Beard

You can find us frolicking inside the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre tent. We will be painting glitter beards, beating mugs and handing out some fabusexual patches designed by Millie Hall to accessorize your finest wardrobe delights.


Handsome male with glitter in his beard


Shaking It For Change!

Catch our Queens at the entry posts of the festival shaking their buckets for change! Donations collected on the day continue to help NNC assist our community and the necessary work they do.


Picture of person donating
Photo Credit: Jess Gleeson NEWTOWN FESTIVAL 


Drink A Cold One For A Cause!

After a day of festive shenanigans, swing on by The Imperial for a cold beer for a cause.  With the support of Young Henrys, we’re pouring beer for a change through our karma keg with all proceeds going directly to the NNC.


Be sure to RSVP for this fabulous day here!