Packing Guide to Heaps Gay’s Rainbow Mountain in Thredbo


Baby it’s cold outside… but never fear; winter is about to heat up with a sizzling festival in store… What happens when Thredbo and LGBTQIA party starters, Heaps Gay jump into bed together with a whole lot of SNOW for lubrication?

A beautiful love child called “Rainbow Mountain”


Graphic poster of a snow mountain and a rainbow


These legends couldn’t have created a more jam-packed 5 day festival for this year’s snow season and we’ve partnered with Heaps Gay and are giving away 2 x Double Passes for you to gobble up! You can find out below how to enter, but until then, we’ve put together a little packing guide to help you get the most out of your trip so buckle up baby, let’s get down to it!


Ski Suit

If there’s ever been a trend worth jumping on to, it’s the timeless style of retro 80’s inspired ski suits. Not only are they bright, fun and make for a hell of good ice-breaker, they’re also the epitome of safety in the snow. The brighter the suit, the easier you are to spot, ergo less chance of plowing into a mate or getting lost in the white abyss of the slopes. Besides, who can deny that the 80s were the height of sexy fashions… here’s proof if you disagree. 

A group of people in retro 80s neon ski suits

Two men in retro 80s neon ski suits

Two men in retro 80s neon ski suits

Need we say more? See the range from



Goggles are also another chance to accentuate your style. If you’ve never been to the snow they are definitely a necessity because snow has a tendency to reflect those pesky sun rays in more angles than a vogue supermodel. 

Rainbow ski goggles


Beanies  are among the most common winter accessory so we would strongly recommend taking one or five to keep that noggin toasty warm! 

Ski beanie that says Party MountainSki beanie that says i love big dumps


Or snatch up a ski headband that incapsulates your inner soul like these.

Head warmer  head warmer that says beer



Probably one of the most controversial topics regarding safety in the snow world is helmets. Many like to live on the wild side and go without, but for those of you who value your brain’s safety, we’d recommend a helmet because even the best skiers and boarders can fall victim to a speedy newbie still learning how to stop or the occasional rock. Safety is sexy.



These little puppies are a go-to accessory for the slopes — designed for water consumption to keep you hydrated, but few have been known to sneak a cheeky bevvy (meaning soft drink of course) in their pack. Remember kiddos, drink and ski/board responsibly, hydration is important. 

Image of 4 camelbak's



Nothing beats having a saucy snack while you’re riding up the chair lift on a cloud-clear day. If you’re ski suit is lacking in pockets large enough for your goodies, why not throw a neon bumbag on to go with your poppin’ ski suit. 

Pink neon bumbag



No, we aren’t joking. You’ll definitely want to take your togs with you because there will be plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the Poolside & Spa area in the Thredbo Alpine Hotel. But don’t worry, if you forget, there’s always the birthday suit. 



While there’ll be endless opportunity to go wild and party, sometimes a night in slippers with some drinks and a killer lineup of games makes for the best nights ever. Cards Against Humanity never goes astray — they’ve even released a Pride pack (optional glitter included) to keep you entertained all week long. Or you could opt for simple deck of cards or go old school with some Jenga. 

Packet of rainbow cards against humanity pride pack


Aerobic Attire 

The iconic Betty Grumble will be hosting an aerobic disco dance class that is sure to be all sorts of magical fun. If you’ve got lycra and leg warmers at the back of that wardrobe, definitely, DEFINITELY add it to the list. 


Drag (DJs and Drag, bingo, lip sync)

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! There will be countless opportunities to dress up in drag from the DJs and Drag on the mountain, to Drag Bingo, to Lip Sync Battles. So if you’ve got a wig and some lippy, pack them baby. 

Drag Queen Krystal Kleer with signature cocktail


The Blanket Hoodie 

It wouldn’t be a gay event without an appearance from Queer Screen! Cuddle up on Thursday night at the LGBT Movie Night in one of these bad boys to ensure maximum comfort. 

Girl in a hoodie blanket  Girl in a hoodie blanket


Glow Sticks 

Revitalise on Saturday morning with Rave Yoga! For a guaranteed glow, pack a few of these puppies — or if you’re more of a night owl, whip ‘em out at the late night Disco. 

two men covered in glow stick bracelets


So there you have it. Your very own packing guide to see you through the ripper of a week you’ll no doubt have at Rainbow Mountain. Now for the fun part! If you missed out on getting a pass, we’re teaming up with Heaps Gay and giving you and a friend the chance to win!!!


What’s up for grabs?



Head to our Competitions Page to enter the draw! 


Images sourced from Pinterest.