Merci Mon Cherry!


We just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for our opening weekend and a wonderful 40 years of Mardi Gras celebrations.


The ongoing support from the community, our locals and neighbours, the DJs, the many performers and their production teams, and of course YOU our amazing colourful and creative customers  – the support and leadership be has been amazing, in the venue on the streets and on the dance floor!!


We are very aware that the 8 month renovation had a significant impact on so many in our local community and are truly grateful for your patience and good humour while we restored this old girl back to her true glory. You have made these past 4 days so incredibly memorable, not only for your overwhelming creativity, enthusiasm and self belief, but also for your patience as we find our feet in the early stages of our reopening period.


The Imperial is so much richer for it and we are 100% committed to giving back a safe and welcoming place for our all in our community. We want to pay our respects to the past and continue the legacy for the new generations to come.


Our mission is to represent a pillar of strength and vision of evolution in the local and LGBTQI community – creating a space that fortifies our love for self-expression and new introductions, performance and dance. And in due course flying a banner for marriage equality with a dedicated space for wedding celebrations and events.


The Imperial is also a place for personal growth for our team – some of our staff have been with us for years and are ingrained in the venues history and culture, however we have also opened our arms to a new generation of recruits by providing a stepping stone into the industry. We welcome them to our Imperial family with open arms – celebrating our diversity, quirks and nuances, but most importantly providing a safe place to grow.


And finally, we would like to congratulate and extend our thanks to our many LGBTQI+ Mardi Gras performers: Imperial favourites Farren Heit and Felicity Frockaccino, the talented ladies from the Broken Heel Festival, Miss Ellanous & Marzi Panne from All Sorts – Blackout (including the amazing Aboriginal and Torres Strait drag performers known as the Black Divaz, ft. Felicia Foxx and the finalists from Miss First Nation & More Deadly Acts), Jojo Zhao, Etcetera and Daniel Kitty.


Not to forget our DJs Jimmy Dee, James Daley, GLDSPK, ISA, FRUITE Chris, Hidden City, EBSTA, Jay Bhana, Estee Louder, Niveen Ho, Gav, NELLYUKKI, Pineapple Pineapple, Nip Slip, GAFFY, Sophie Sin, Tunnel Signs and JD.


Happy Mardi Gras lovers – we look forward to seeing together over the coming days, weeks and years xx