All Loved UP #9.07

5 Things We Love About UP!


We don’t need to wait for the weekend to celebrate the one, the only, the iconic Lady returning to Impy! We’ve all missed her dearly, but we can finally say she’s gone to a better place… and that ‘better place’ is Imperial UP!!!

If you’ve been living under a rock, darling, then let us hand you a much needed rope and pull you into the fabulousness you’ve been missing!…

With the first and second act of our makeover successfully done and dusted, it’s now time for Sugar to get a 1st floor facelift! Atop yours truly resides a contemporary rooftop bohemia and to give you the low-down, here are five things we know you’ll LOVE about Imperial UP.


Collage of food and cocktails



Born from iconic Italian food and convivial cocktail culture, we’ve taken your traditional Nonna and titivated her into your queer Aunty, serving up stuzzichino, pasta, pizza and Milanese that all taste as delizioso as they sound! All that’s left is to wash it down with one of our lip-smacking cocktails!

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Those who were no stranger to the old Impy will remember our iconic Lady statue Venus. Since our makeover commenced, she’s been having a long, restful, beauty nap but we’re pleased to announce that she has returned, beautiful as ever with a golden makeover herself!!!

A gold lady statue holding a light globe.



Two words. Queer. Art. If you’re a fan of either of the two and haven’t come across Luke John Matthew Arnold’s work, then baby better get insta-stalking ASAP! We were lucky enough to get exclusive works from him designed specifically for our queercentric space!

Five artworks from Luke John Matthew Arnold.

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There’s nothing quite like dining under the stars on a balmy Summer night, or sipping on bottomless mimosas under the blue skies of a breezy Spring day… Say Ciao to the most gorgeous rooftop bar in the Inner West where you can do just that! That’s right –Imperial UP features a contemporary rooftop bohemia expanding beyond pop art graphics, quasi-classical sculptures, stone mosaic bar tops and a gold glad pizza oven!


Collage of a dining spaces in a bar.



If there’s one thing we LOVE doing, it’s naming things after queer royalty! First we named our Signature cocktails after past, present and fictional drag queens… Now we’ve named two of our dining spaces after queer icons to pay tribute to our community! Our colour-pop Carlotta Lounge is, of course, named after the Australian treasure and cabaret performer, Carlotta. Sing, act, dance – there isn’t much this doll can’t do, her most iconic transgender women in Australian culture. Then we move to Capriccio’s Corner, named as a tribute to Dawn O’Donnell, a prominent Sydney entrepreneur and long-standing supporter of the LGBTIQ+ community. In 1969 she opened her second gay bar Capriccio’s on Oxford Street, famous for its drag shows drawing in celebrities from around the world.