International Womens Day, Sunday Best

Shoot For The Moon

One who we believe lives amongst the stars, is Chloe London AKA Sunday Best! Our #1 moon-girl, trans activist, resident Drag N’ Dine queen, Curator of queer event Going Zodiac and Promotions and Stage Manager for Honcho Disko Sydney… Sweet and loving, but incredibly strong in her actions and words, this IWD we had a chat with Sunday to talk about her aspirations in the womensphere.

Your performance celebrates femininity and fempower, where do you think this stems from and what drives you to explore this?

My work as a transgender performance artist & events curator is largely driven by a passion and conviction to represent trans women in a radical, political way. I strive to be at the forefront of progressive conversations, sharing my own experiences in a public domain in the hope to inspire and influence positive change within our community.


Who are some of the female inspirations in your life?

I’m inspired by nearly every woman I meet, both trans and cis, but in particular I find inspiration in legendary trans artists who paved the way for me – Toronto’s Nina Arsenault, Amanda Lepore, Suzie St James and my contemporary New York sister Linux (to name a few).

Existing and making space for other women and trans people in this industry is no easy task, so I’m very inspired by women who work in the drag and queer nightlife scene, considering it’s so dominated by men. Women such as Glitta Supernova & Penta Gramme (Natalie Fleur, pictured below right) for all the work they do to include and uplift femmes everywhere.

What shift have you seen in today’s general gay scene that celebrates a more inclusive culture?

Over the past half a decade we’ve definitely seen a shift – women, artists of colour and trans folks have had enough of being excluded from spaces they arguably helped set up (queer nightlife, drag shows, gay bars) and have fought hard to be included and represented once again. I think we’re in a very special and powerful part of history right now where we’re not going to let anyone’s voice be unheard or unrepresented anymore.

Two women sitting on a ouch talking on a microphone

What should we be remembering this International Women’s Day?

We should remember all the women who have fought for what we have now. All the women who fought for the right to vote, for marital and political rights. All the trans women who fought to be recognised as women and all the trans women of colour who have fought against every layer oppression for the rights of queer people everywhere.

And finally, it’s important we adopt an “get intersectional or get the f*ck out” attitude this International Women’s Day and recognise that we need to honour, respect and pass the mic to every woman to share her story.


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