A David Bowie Cabaret

December 18

Take your protein pills and put your helmets on for Cabaret Sasquatch’s “Sound and Vision” – a David Bowie Cabaret. After a sold out show in October, get your tickets fast to dine on a delicious menu and enjoy extraordinary queer performance in the Imperial’s Basement Cabaret Club.

Featuring diamond dog dancers and out-of-this-world drag to legendary music played by a live rock n’ roll band, SWAM. Organized by Sydney’s own 2nd best David Bowie impersonator, Marlena Dalí (The Oyster Club).



Brendan Maclean
Asuma Jender
Venus Vamp
Mara Maya Devi
Lady Fur
Euthan Asian
And live band: SWAM

queen dressed as david bowie

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